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radars on the A-4


I want to share with everyone the outrage that I have thanks to some radars that I do not see anywhere that is for security. I know the road of Andalusia faithfully, I make many trips Madrid-Granada and / or Madrid-Guadix (Granada) and my blood boils when I see a four-lane highway with a limit of 100 km / h and radars to collect, that happens at the height of Getafe but much later, after traveling many km, you find that you lower the speed from 120 to 80 and ....

surprise! next to the signal a radar ... at the height of the entrance to the province of Ciudad Real, is it for security? no ... why? .... in which they are based on lowering the limit by 40 km? This I have exposed can be extended to other highways. I am not one of those who step on it, I usually have a moderate driving, basically because of the fuel savings, but that you get a fine for going to 123 km / h .... and where there really is danger, which are on the secondary roads, nothing at all. When I go to my town I have to go through an autonomous road with one lane for each direction, really dangerous due to the numerous change of grade, curves and the high traffic of trucks, they are only 36 km of road but there I have seen many more accidents that on the highway, usually due to improper overtaking, but to what I am going ... on "safe" high speed radars to mansalva and on dangerous roads nothing at all ... it shows that it is to collect ...


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