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Never owned an SUV, but I'm about to. Let's hear those recommendations.

Hello everyone,

My wife is looking to upgrade from her tiny compact Chevy Sonic to a safer, much more spacious SUV. We're a middle class couple with no kids... but that doesn't mean we can throw all of our money into an upgrade. We definitely do not want luxury or anything brand new, as we do not have a garage to protect our cars at home. We live in central Florida where the sun bakes cars all day, inside and out. We want something used, preferably less than 25k miles. We have agreed that the one we buy must be either a Toyota, Honda or Hyundai. Our budget range is 18k - 21k. She is leaning on a Toyota RAV4. While I'm not opposed to the RAV4, I'm biased toward Honda's, I've never been in a CR-V and I blindly trust that the drivetrain is as dependable and durable as any Civic. I currently drive an old Hyundai Elantra. And while it may be falling apart, I am very impressed with how its performing at the end of its life. My sister had Tucson that lasted about as long as my Elantra. What I'm getting at is that I really trust these three manufacturers, but I have little knowledge as to how their SUV departments hold up. For example, Chevy makes fantastic trucks, but their cars are terrible, IMO. When we sign, its gonna be for a RAV4, CR-V, Tucson or Kona. Looking for any and all advice or input anyone in this sub will throw my way. If you've had a great or bad experience with any of these models, please let it be told. Thanks in advance!

Thank you!


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  • what ?

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    what ?

    Instagram: addicted_girls069

    para los que no tenemos instagram puedes subir tus fotos por aqui? tranqui, que la mode esta de vacaciones venéreas( o veraneas, no me acuerdo como era...)
  • I think that your best option is RAV-4.
    Better than the rest cars.
    Regards mate! :)
    Broker de Renting en Leaseplan, Alphabet, Athlon y ALD.

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