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LED to LED work the easiest way is to use a voltag

Led three an guangdian on the indusial tap of led of a's thigh going on the market arrives expanding the product can taxi lan wei , and arrives the virtue " becomeing a monk late in life " bolder and more unconsainedly moistening reaching , and the whole ade has almost been rolled up like a mat to the indusial great mass fervour invested of led three an guangdian.luo muyi introduces on the world minimal and the thinnest pastes piece ledpicoled-mini's series product , a display leading superiority that luo mu is in this domain . the reporter has seen the luo mu be dead against the automobile head of the car in the exhibition meeting and led's drive settlement scheme of rear of a vehicle development . writing boardhaving indicated creating ties up the determination that is universalized in the cruel led's opening television . at the same time , creating the dimension still for the first time to have increased the 55 inches of cruel led's opening televisions , huge shang ji will be greeted to the super big cruel series opening of size from this in submitting a tender . the foreign capital brand is being popularized having raised equally the concern degree to the market in town on led's television . the concerned personages of three stars introduce to speak , and according to the national standard requirement , can not reach 3 grades can imitate the televisions asking must not go on the market the sale . led's television save energy superiority is clear , and generally , the work loss of work losses of led's television of 55 inches and ordinary liquid crystal televisions of 32 inches matches . on the one hand the energy consumption is low , and on the other hand , the straight slow ordinary liquid crystal television of approach of the price of led's television therefore speaking , all has the very big development space no matter led's television is in the rural area still in the city . led neon signthey are the advantageous means that guarrantee the smooth implementation of led's illuminating engineering , also is the led enterprise haves a foothold somewhere the internal development advance side by side gos into international competes effective guarantee . led's illumination surveyor's pole system hasgot the energetically support with the province science and technology hall of government since diveing into research from this year 3 months . the surveyor's pole index by the quantification is assessed the relative standard in avelling together of enterprise , and this is the standard incomplete merit ability prepared of led seet lamp place 09 year inoduced . afterthe formal implementation of this year 8 months , the survey that the government was approached according to the surveyor's pole system comments the result to be drawn up the indusial catalogue purchasing . led signs

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