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LED's crystalline grain that the illumination fact

Led must be on guard against " foam " the plate was awarded in the indusial demonsation base of new indusialize of the nation first batch this year 2 months , and among them 3 mats are occupied in the smooth indusial base of elecicity , and led's indusy becomes the focal point indusy that the nation developed . meanwhile , the accurate elementary course banisters of led market is lower , and the initial is invested and 100 million yuan can be built the factory , and makes that led's item is mounted a horse in the various places one after another . that at present nation ratifies there are indusial bases of 6 more than half conductors illuminations , and in fact , most of provinces all have self the indusial base of led being built at present , and plans the applicant couny man grade title at the right moment the going into operation capacity of our couny led surpassed 20000 million yuan to the datum display in the only first half of the year in 2009 , and his enlarges end and is still continuing at present internal each led enterprise is all at the rapid enlargement product ability , and spreads out attacking slightly . writing boardpossesses economy and ecology beneficial result simultaneously , and develops the power form for a long time to receive the concern fully . it is reported , at present to these ade misgivings most be that the earlier stage input capacity is big and gos back the money phase long problem . the guangdong province vice hall of science and technology hall grows ye jingtu this before the expression when accepting reporter nan dou interview , clear but the save energy province consumes effect , the investment generally can take back the cost in 5 years to led's cost partially height at present . encouraging at the same time save energy to subact arranging in order to popularize , government as well as nation are sent out changing the subsidy policy that the committee was all carrying out further . led neon signthe pine high science and technology garden of hill lake taiwan is located pine industrial garden area east of the hill lakescience and technology ministry , and the planning area is 6.8square kilometres near , and is divided into that advanced it makes altogether and the led's light electricity area and large-scale crystalline substance circle reaching the board manufacturing industry area and grinds cuting into slices the area with three merits in the necessary area . besides the road building and the place to level , engineerings such as shui dian and burns gas and communication etc are also synchronously accomplished , and can satisfy that various kind of high science and technology enterprise grinds an and requirement of production . led signs

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