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Let´s talk about Mazda 6

juanmsjuanms Forero Senior ✭✭✭
Mis disculpas para los que no lean inglés, son unos extractos interesantes sobre lo que el Mazda 6 es actualmente, ya pasa de los 50 premios internacionales y en los primeros puestos de los ranking de fiabilidad. Información para el que se interese por la marca.

Mazda6 has won the Auto Express Driver Power award, a customer satisfaction award voted for by 25,000 owners and based on customer satisfaction with the key vehicle attributes and the ownership experience.

With an overall rating of 93.66% Mazda6 was a full 3% points clear of the second best vehicle, Porsche Boxter, in a survey of the Top 100 UK cars.

Auto Express said, "The dynamic new 6 has stormed into top position, muscling aside more established, upper echelon marques like BMW, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz and Lexus with nonchalant ease. It's a full four percentage points ahead of last year's winner the Porsche Boxster, and that is deeply impressive. The 6 simply does everything very well indeed."

As well as winning the overall Driver Power award, Mazda6 was also rated "Best Braking" and "Best Build Quality" and it was in the top seven in each of the ten categories – an unprecedented result. image

The Mazda6 has won the Fleet News Best Upper Medium Car at the prestigious annual Fleet News awards which recognises the best company cars in the country.

Fleet News is the industry-leading newspaper for fleet decision-makers who operate company cars and vans.

The company car market alone covers an estimated three million vehicles and fleet buyers are responsible for purchasing half the new vehicles sold in the UK each year.

The judging panel was made up of 12 leading figures in the fleet industry, whose companies together run a combined fleet of about 400,000 vehicles.

Therefore, winning an award is a major boost for any manufacturer with business buyers.

The Fleet News judges criteria were clear for this award:

'Challenged from below by desirable and large lower medium cars and from above by wholelife cost-competitive premium cars, the winner had to distinguish itself as operationally efficient, highly cost-effective and driver desirable/aspirational. A comprehensive range was also important. '

The Mazda6 fought off competition from a wide range of competitors winning on a number of features that make this a most desirable company car. The judges commented on the Mazda6:

'Who says the mould can't be broken? Mazda has dared to be different with its new upper medium contender and has created a market-leading car. The spirit of the Mazda MX-5 shines through in this car with its excellent driving characteristics and wonderful looks, yet it also offers low wholelife costs, great engines and a wide range of body styles. Compare this with its predecessor and you can see the leap forward Mazda has made as a company.'

Fleet News editor John Maslen, who chaired the judging panel, said: ‘The Fleet News Awards are well-known as the industry’s Oscars. Fleets are flexing their financial muscles to demand manufacturers raise quality and keep prices, low, which benefits everyone in the country who drives a car.

‘To have a Mazda winning such a prestigious award as Best Upper Medium Car – which the Ford Mondeo won last year – is a clear sign of the resurgence of their Mazda brand following its change of ownership.’

The Mazda6 has added yet another accolade to its growing list of awards, winning the What Car Best Estate Car title in What Car's Car of the Year 2003 awards.

During 2002 the Mazda6 was awarded the prestigious Scottish Car of the Year and runner up in the European Car of the Year, the What Car award is the first of 2003 and is considered one of the most prestigious awards in the automotive industry.

To quote the award narrative, "who said you cannot have a practical estate that also looks a million dollars? The Mazda6 estate is concrete proof that you can." Other strengths identified were a fine chassis, strong and gutsy engine, build quality, the unique 'Karakuri' seat function and residual values.

What Car specifically identified the 'Karakuri' seat as a major strength as it transforms a roomy family car into a load-hauler in a split second.

In winning the What Car Best Estate Car, the Mazda6 beat the Audi A4 Avant TDi, the Skoda Fabia TDi and the Volvo V70, all very competent cars in their own right, which highlights the exceptional qualities of the Mazda6 to beat cars of this class.

The Mazda6 was also highly commended in the top three for What Car Family Car of the Year while Mazda MX-5 also made the top three for Best Roadster along with Porsche Boxster and Vauxhall VX220.

"The Mazda6 really is a brilliant car and the awards it is winning just demonstrate that the car is being universally recognized as a class leader," Rob Lindley, Mazda Motors UK Marketing Director. "To get the recognition of a What Car award is a real boost for the Mazda6 and we were delighted to receive this prestigious award."

"With a busy year ahead we are hoping for similar success with the Mazda2, Mazda RX-8 and replacement for the 323, the Mazda6 has really set the tone for Mazda and all the cars following will meet the same class leading standards."image

The Mazda6 has won the Scottish Car of the Year Award for 2002, the first of the major European car awards. The title, given by the Association of Scottish Motoring Writers (ASMW) and sponsored by the AA, was presented at a gala dinner in St Andrews Bay Resort.

The winner was chosen by the Association of Scottish Motoring Writers from more than 50 new models launched during the past 12 months. Each model was assessed on a range of qualities, including performance, safety, value for money and Scots appeal. Cars were judged from six categories: small; family; sporting; sports utility vehicle(SUV); diesel and luxury.

The winning cars in each category are:
small – Honda Jazz;
family – Mazda6;
sporting – Audi RS6 quattro;
SUV – Nissan X-TRAIL;
diesel – Ford Focus TDCi;
luxury – Skoda Superb.

Overall Winner - Mazda6 image

Graeme Giles, President of the ASMW, says: "This car has turned around Mazda’s fortunes in the UK. Soaring sales – way ahead of forecast, prompted Mazda Motors UK to negotiate extra supplies from the factory. The Mazda6 is the perfect choice for Scottish Car of the Year, because of its all-round excellence, particularly its handsome looks, accomplished chassis and ultra-competitive pricing."

Alistair Cheyne, OBE, Deputy Managing Director of the AA, says:
"Last year, almost 200,000 Scots bought their own cars – a record breaking year for the trade in Scotland. Scots like to buy good reliable motors that are value for money. The Association of Scottish Motoring Writers is best placed to make a judgement on what Scots would like to drive in the future; that’s why these awards are so special. The AA is delighted to be involved once again."

James Muir, Managing Director, Mazda UK, says: "We are delighted to have won Scottish Car of the Year. It is the first major award for the Mazda6 and the most significant for our Scottish customers and dealers.

"To win Scottish Car of the Year is an outstanding achievement and of real value to our customers as it is voted for by motoring experts with Scottish motorists' requirements in mind.image

"The Mazda6 is a superb car and this award further strengthens that belief. With the Scottish Car of the Year title under our belt we look forward to more Scottish motorists discovering the exhilarating Mazda driving experience and with three new cars next year we hope to be in contention for the 2003 title."

The Mazda6 has added another prestigious title to its growing list of awards, the Maxol/UMWA Northern Irish Car of the Year 2003.image

The Mazda6 was voted for by the panel of journalists from the Ulster Motoring Writers Association beating off competition from Citroen, Lexus and Honda to take the title. It also took the Family Car category, beating the Saab 9-3 into second place.

The panel of judges praised the Mazda for its driving experience, a range of spirited engines and fine chassis as well as Mazda itself for the dramatic turn around in fortunes over the last eighteen months.

The Mazda6 was designed to offer a fun drive, give back to the driver the pure pleasure of driving that is perhaps lost in many other family cars and to offer some of the sporty heritage from the Mazda MX-5.
In its 13 years the Mazda MX-5 has itself racked up an impressive amount of awards from around the world and it certainly seems that the Mazda6 is following firmly in the Mazda MX-5's footsteps both in the accolades from the media and in delivering the pure fun of driving this great drivers car
MAZDA6 Awards Top Crash Scores
Sport sedan named a "Best Pick" in high-speed frontal crash test.

Bueno, que cada cual saque su opinión.



  • SantinSantin Forero Senior ✭✭✭
    Let´s talk about Mazda 6

    Eso eso, hablemos del Mazda 6:

    * Problemas de dirección SIN SOLUCION por el momento en el 2.3 gasolina (si, el del encuestador semaforil).

    * Problemas en el suelo trasero en algunas unidades. Mazda no se hace responsable en garantia de esto.

    * Embragues que mueren prematuramente. Nuevamente Mazda se hace la sueca y no los repara en garantia (ver tema forero BVW).

    Eso si, es todo fiabilidad hasta que se rompe y Mazda se lava las manos.
  • Apollo28Apollo28 Forero Senior ✭✭✭
    Let´s talk about Mazda 6

    Satin definitivamente eres ****. image ABURRES.
  • juanmsjuanms Forero Senior ✭✭✭
    Let´s talk about Mazda 6

    Aviso a navegantes:
    Santin está en rehabilitación, su Laguna no deja de estropearse y eso le ha llevado a un estado delirante, inventa fallos irresolubles (el también tiene problemas en su trasero, hemorroides creo, por eso se las imputa a otros)... en fin, sandeces.

    Si alguien quiere información sobre Mazda que la busque en la red, y saque sus conclusiones.

    En estos tiempos basta tener acceso a internet para que tus tonterias sean más públicas que nunca (si le vieramos en persona no harían falta más explicaciones...)

  • vilyvily Forero ✭✭
    Let´s talk about Mazda 6

    Santin, vende el Laguna y comprete un Mazda 6 y...¡¡¡DISFRUTA DE UNA VEZ!!.

  • os_quieroos_quiero Forero Master ✭✭✭✭
    Let´s talk about Mazda 6

    tiene un CLARO complejo del que nunca será capaz de zafarse...

    DISFRUTA con tu pesadilla, Santin... te pongo otro culo que te da mareos...


    Bsos juanms... wena makina.
  • julez_rulejulez_rule Forero Junior
    Let´s talk about Mazda 6

    Me parece a mi que a Santin todos los coches le parecen una **** excepto su Laguna. Yo creo que hay que ser más humilde; parece que ves la **** en el ojo ajeno pero no la viga en el propio.
    El Mazda6 es un gran coche se mire por donde se mire, pero creo que las encuestas de satisfacción entre los clientes apenas son fiables, pues cada propietario tiende a valorar muy bien su coche porque jode admitir que te has gastado los ahorros en algo ****. Todos tendemos a verificar las expectativas positivas y a falsar o ignorar lo negativo: NO HAY PEOR CIEGO QUE EL QUE NO QUIERE VER.
    Un saludo.
    Petrolero orgulloso y convencido. ¿Y qué pasa?
  • MazdAdictoMazdAdicto Forero Junior
    Let´s talk about Mazda 6

    Amigos, no debemos subestimar los datos que aporta Santin, sin duda los fallos del Mazda 6 no han sido considerados por las revistas, organizaciones y publico que, apresuradamente, ha premiado al Mazda 6 en 65 ocasiones...


    Santin, aquí te mando el link para que te pongas en contacto con ellos, de seguro estarán muy interesado en tu acuciosa investigación de Google:


  • os_quieroos_quiero Forero Master ✭✭✭✭
    Let´s talk about Mazda 6

    Lo pongo, leches.. que merece la pena.. menudo coche...

    Premio Organización País-Región Fechas de Anuncio
    1 Revista Fleet World: Premio al Mejor Auto Nuevo Revista Fleet World Reino Unido
    2 Premio Austriaco al Mejor Auto Austria
    3 Premio al Diseño 2002 (G mark) Japón
    4 National Business Review (diario semanal): Auto del Año National Business Review New Zelandia
    5 Auto Nuevo del Año Escocia

    6 The Straits Times: Mejor Auto Familiar Sedan/Hatchback The Straits Times Singapur
    7 Premio Australiano a los Mejores Autos: Mejor Auto Mediano sobre los US$25,000 Australia
    8 Auto del Año 2003 en la República Checa Rep Checa
    9 Auto Europeo del Año: Segudo lugar (mayor lugar alcanzado por un vehículo japonés) Europa
    10 Trofeo de la revista francesa Automobile Revista Automobile Francia
    11 Premio Semperit al Auto del Año 2003 en Irlanda Irlanda Nov-02
    12 Febrero del 2003: Auto del Año en japón Japón
    13 Salón de la Fama: Premio al Mejor Fabricante Salón de la Fama Japón
    14 2003 RJC Auto del Año (RX-8 REPITIO ESTE PREMIO EL 2004) Japón
    15 Auto Familiar del Año Suecia
    16 Le Moniteur Automobile: Auto Familiar del Año Le Moniteur Automoble Bélgica
    17 El programa de TV "Motoring 2003" en TS (El Canal del Deporte) TSN Canadá
    18 Auto nº 1 de Croacia Revista Auto Blic Croacia
    19 Revista Mr. Car: 10 Mejor Revista Mr. Car Hong Kong
    20 Revista Any Car: 10 Mejor Auto Revista Any Car Hong Kong
    21 Revista Men's Machines: 10 Mejor Auto Men's Machines Revista Hong Kong
    22 Yediot Aharonot: Auto del Año 2002 (elegido por lectores y visitantes a la página web) Yediot Aharonot Israel
    23 Mejor Auto del Año 2003 (Elegido por los periodistas especializados) Lituania
    24 Auto de la Gente 2003 (Premio a la popularidad dado por la gente) Lituania
    25 Revista New Zealand Company Vehicle and Executive Car:Auto Ejecutivo del Año Revista New Zelandia
    26 Revista Autoshow: Auto del Año en Turquía (6º Mejor) Revista Autoshow Turquía
    27 Premio al Auto Número 1 de Gran Bretaña: Auto del Año AutoExpress Reino Unido
    28 Car & Driver: Los Diez mejores del 2003 Car & Driver EE.UU Dic-02
    29 Revista Automobile: El Mejor Sedán Mediano Revista Automobile EE.UU
    30 Auto 1 en Austria (Elección de los lectores de Autobild Austria) AutoExpress Austria
    31 Auto del Año Bielorrusia
    32 Auto del Año 2003 (Elección de los Periodistas) Revista Tuulilasi Finlandia
    33 Auto del Año 2003 (Premio del Público) Tuulilasi Revista Finlandia
    34 Revista Car & Driver: 10 Mejores Autos Auto Familiar del ño 2003 (Elegido por los Lectores de Playboy) Hong Kong
    35 Auto Familiar del Año 2003 (Premio de los lectores de Playboy) Playboy Hungria
    36 Revista Auto: Mejor Compacto Revista Auto Israel
    37 Revista Auto: Auto del Año (elegido por los lectores) Revista Auto Israel
    38 Premio al Diseño Automotriz del Japón : Trofeo el Lápiz Dorado (producción comercial) Japan
    39 Diario Sunday Star Times: Mejor Auto Mediano Sunday Star Times New Zelandia
    40 La Prensa: El Mejor Auto Familiar La Prensa New Zelandia
    41 Diario The Straits Times: Mejor Saloon para Familias Grandes The Straits Times Singapur
    42 Mejor Auto Eslovenio del 2003 Eslovenia
    43 Revista What Car: Auto del Año 2003 (Mejor Auto Familiar) Reino Unido
    44 Auto del Año en Categoría Medianos (Revista Autoders Choice) Revista Auto Hungria
    45 Auto del Año 2002 Macedonia
    46 Revista Driver: Auto del Año Revista Driver Nueva Zelandia
    47 Auto Saudi del Año (Mejor Sedán Mediano Familiar) Arabia Saudita
    48 Revista MotorWeek: Elección del Conductor Revista MotorWeek EE.UU
    49 Revista Autobild: Premio European Auto1 (Segundo Lugar) Revista Autobild Europa
    50 Auto de Prueba del Año 2003 (Elección de los lectores de Auto2) Auto2 Hungria
    51 Auto del Año en Nueva Zelandia Nueva Zelandia
    52 Revista Autocar de Nueva Zelandia: auto mediano del año 2002 Nueva Zelandia
    53 Revista Fleet News : Premio Fleet News 2 (Mejor Auto Mediano Alto) Revista Fleet News Reino Unido
    54 Auto Express: Ganador general del Máximo Estudio de Confiabilidad Automotriz 2003. (Premio Driver Power) AutoExpress Reino Unido
    55 Revista Money : Mejor Sedán Mediano Revista Money EE.UU
    56 Revista Autopacific: Mejor Sedán Mediano Estándar Revista Autopacific EE.UU
    57 Auto del Año de Irlanda del Norte (Segmento de Autos Familiares) Asociación de Editores Automotrices del Ulster Irlanda del Norte
    58 Auto del Año en Irlanda del Norte (Ganador general) Asociación de Editores Automotrices del Ulster Irlanda del Norte
    59 Auto Diesel: Auto Diesel del año 2003 (Ganador de la clase familiar) Diesel Car Reino Unido
    60 Honores Fleet World: Mejor Auto para el Usuario Revista Fleet World Reino Unido
    61 Auto del Año Saloon Grande Wheels Asia Singapur
    62 Clasificación 5 estrellas en NEPALI TIMES NEPALI TIMES Nepal
    63 Mejor Saloon Familiar 2003 TheCarFanatics.com EE.UU
    64 Premios a los Mejores Autos de Australia: Mejor Auto Mediano sobre los US$25,000 Australia
    65 Premio del Auto del Año en Canada: "Mejor Vehículo Familiar Nuevo" Asociación de Periodistas de Automotrices de Canadá (AJAC) Canadá
  • Diego PerezDiego Perez MegaForero ✭✭✭
    Let´s talk about Mazda 6

    Jeje, si les mola hasta en el Playboy....


    Mis consumos en el Spritmonitor

    308 SW 1.2 EAT-8 GT-Line 953567.png
  • ZAFIRA DTIZAFIRA DTI Forero Senior ✭✭✭
    Let´s talk about Mazda 6

    **** venga eeee igual es mejor la **** del laguna que el honda juas juas juas, ya le gustaría a renault hacer coches asi, los hacen pero no se venden "AVANTIMO" digooo AVANTIME
  • juanmsjuanms Forero Senior ✭✭✭
    Let´s talk about Mazda 6

    Pues eso, que Mazda es lo que es, aquí los datos.
    Por cierto, sigue recibiendo premios el Mazda 6 pero aburre ya ponerlos.

    El mayor club automovilista europeo, el ADAC alemán, ha dado a Mazda el liderazgo de fiabilidad en el ránking que al efecto establece el estudio Auto MarxX, llevado a cabo sobre el medio millón de vehículos asistidos el año pasado en carretera.

    El estudio define la calidad de las marcas en función del grado de fiabilidad a largo plazo en función de las incidencias presentadas por los vehículos de la muestra, con una antigüedad de hasta seis años.


    1 Mazda 7,7
    2 Toyota 8,1
    3 Subaru 8,1
    4 Daihatsu 8,2
    5 Honda 8,4
    6 Suzuki 9,3
    7 Mitsubishi 10,8
    8 Audi 11,3
    9 BMW 12,8
    10 VW 13,6
    11 Mercedes 14,7
    12 Nissan 14,8
    13 Smart 15,3
    14 Porsche 15,7
    15 Ford 16,0
    16 Opel 16,4
    17 Seat 17,7
    18 Peugeot 17,9
    19 Skoda 18,7
    20 Citroen 19,4
    21 Daewoo 22,4
    22 Hyundai 24,3
    23 Renault 25,3
    24 Volvo 26,4
    25 Jaguar 27,9
    26 Kia 28,8
    27 Fiat 31,6
    28 Lancia 36,2
    29 Alfa 38,0
    30 Chrysler 40,0
    31 Land Rover 42,3
    32 Rover 51,2
    33 Saab 57,0

    Un saludo

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